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Citywalker tells the story of a man’s journey rediscovering his identity, his sexuality and ethnicity. The quest for love and acceptance is multilayered in New York where everything is possible. Touched by the encounter with others, surrounded by high risers, bridges and intertwined highways, subway trains, the sound of sirens, club music, and the waves of the Hudson River…from the East to the West Village, gaining momentum as in a Circuit Party, he revisits universal archetypes in the bohemian life-style of a myriad of characters and dramatic situations, coexisting with flash backs to his family’s “island”, and the nostalgia for the unconditional love he tries to find in New York, at the expense of his own sanity. When existence in the fast lane is poisoned by deception and overwhelming feelings of abandonment, Citywalker realizes his journey towards identity has become a mantra revealing his wisdom through the mundane.
BIOGRAPHY:Orlando Ferrand was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1967. H…