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Like a Domino Tale: The Party

This is a clip from the public program of "Like a Domino Tale." This is a nonprofit project that explores personal narratives of older adults and their daily interactions within the program activities at Morris Senior Center in the South Bronx, NY. 2017 SU-CASA artist, Orlando Ferrand, recorded senior participants in his series of workshops at this model facility during a period of six months while they shared their life experiences and the strength it took to become the extraordinary individuals they are today.
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Metamodernism in The Bronx, Part I

It’s very challenging to write about the arts in the 21st century, particularly about music and dance as creative disciplines, as praxis. I must admit, however, that Adorno’s dissection of the social dimension of art through aesthetics as a discipline (1) continues to inform and contextualize my notion of art and culture, especially music, in ways that no other critical theoretician could ever do. After all, he was not only the luminary who conceived critical theory but also the greatest philosopher of music who ever lived.
As a multidisciplinary artist myself, I’m grateful for the opportunities I had to showcase my work in the performing arts during the last two decades of the 20th century when cultural and philosophical ideas framed by the avant-garde were resurrected and regarded if not as an aesthetics of permanence (2) at least as a referential vocabulary resisting the annihilation of all isms by postmodernists (3). After the year 2000, however, the skepticism, agnosticism, and c…


I'm very thankful to Elyssa Goodman for the invitation to read some of my latest non-fiction creations at the renowned Miss Manhattan Reading Series on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 7j:45 PM in the East Village, the place I call home.

It was in the island of Manhattan where my cosmopolitan roots as an immigrant teen from Cuba grew stronger. And since I was born in an island, I wasn't new to the assumption that islanders are inevitable sailors who are never satiated, who are always looking for adventure, who prefer the constant change that water brings to their relentless coastal confinement. 

Many years have passed since I arrived in New York City. Nevertheless, I continue to be haunted by its ever changing geography. I always new I was predestined to become a New Yorker, for it wasn't until I came of age here that I acquired a sense of identity never compromised with anything other than my need for self-realization and the pursue of happiness and freedom. That's why I writ…

Uma Thurman, Jump: Jameson First Shot 2014

A well written script is usually the best foundation for a good production. "The Jump" is a jewel. This short epitomizes the art of short film making. A short, like its predecessor, the short story, attains at reaching a level of poetic discourse woven into a mundane story. Why are we so awestruck? Because this movie touches man's visceral need to transcend gravity in its most concrete and abstract nuances while leaving us at the end with a sense of absolute freedom and joy. Bravo!!!


Contact: Phil Cardone
Phone: 718-931-9500 x33

BCA CELEBRATES 25 YEARS of BRIO on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4th  with Twenty-Five New BRIO Winners for Artistic Excellence at the  2014 Award Presentation at Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos 
(May 16, 2014 – Bronx) Twenty-five Bronx artists are the 2014 recipients of BCA’s prestigious Bronx Recognizes Its Own (BRIO) Award for artistic excellence. An award reception and networking event will be held on Wednesday, June 4th at 5:45pm at Longwood Art Gallery at Hostos Community College.

The June 4th event marks the 25th anniversary of BRIO, and is one of many activities scheduled for that
evening’s Bronx Trolley First Wednesday Arts & Culture Tour at the Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, along with a number of free trolley activities along the South Bronx Cultural Corridor. BRIO winners, past and present, are invited to socialize and network while welcoming the 2014 BRIO winners in…



IN SPANISH, SPREAD THE WORD... Open Your Keepsake Box and join us, as we embark in a two-hour  journey  through songs that have impacted our lives, recollections of early childhood memories, places we've been to, family and friends who nurtured us, the grandmas, the moms, the dads, the aunties and the uncles, the smells we registered, the clothes we wore, the first love, the first dance, the first fall, the beloved departed, the fears, the tears, the joy, the happiness and unhappiness...Mixed it all up and own it, retell it, rescue it from oblivion, so you can embrace your own beginnings and re-create your destination. After all, we are our own memories in the nuances of images and words. Therefore, we have the power to rewrite them. Learn how to fictionalize real people and events in your life, and trim your story in pursue of a compelling and empowering memoir.

EN ESPAÑOL, corre la voz ... ABRA EL COFRE DE SUS RECUERDOS y únase a nosotros, mientras nos embarcamos en u…